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  • BQE Water (TSXV:BQE) has partnered with WesTech Engineering for a water treatment project in the Eastern US 
  • The company will build and operate a water treatment plant in order to eliminate a coal ash pond
  • This is the first time that BQE will use its Selen-IX technology outside of the mining sector
  • Construction of the plant should be mostly complete by the end of 2020, with operations starting early next year
  • BQE Water’s share price is down 0.56 per cent, and is currently trading at C$8.80 per share

Water treatment company BQE Water (TSXV:BQE) has entered into an agreement with US-based WesTech Engineering.

WesTech enlisted BQE to build and operate a water treatment plant to eliminate a coal ash pond in the US.

This will be the first time that BQE’s selenium removal technology, Selen-IX, is used outside the mining sector.

BQE Water will design and construct the plant with the capacity to treat up to 1,500 US gallons per minute.

The first stage of treatment will involve WesTech removing suspended solids and metals from the water. BQE’s Selen-IX processing technology will complete the second stage, reducing selenium levels to 7.7 parts per billion.

BQE Water and WesTech will jointly operate the treatment plant.

Vice President of Technical Services at WesTech, Philip Lake, welcomed the collaboration.

“We recognise BQE Water has leading technical expertise in the treatment of selenium with Selen-IX, which fits the needs of the coal ash pond water treatment market.

“We are excited about combining our core strengths and expertise with those of BQE Water, to create a strong technical and commercial partnership for this sector,” he said.

BQE Water’s President and CEO, David Kratochvil, also commented on the project. 

“It is gratifying to see the benefits and applicability of Selen-IX being recognised by industries outside of mining. 

“The partnership with WesTech and the joint successful execution of the project for one of the leading US utilities also provides the prospect to open more opportunities in this market,” he concluded.

BQE Water will likely complete construction of the coal ash pond water treatment plant by the end of 2020. Operations at the plant are likely to start in early 2021.

BQE Water (BQE) is down 0.56 per cent to $8.80 per share, as of 11:26am EST.

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