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  • Cannabis company, Body and Mind (CSE:BAMM) has reported the opening of the ShowGrow San Diego dispensary
  • BaM’s 60 per cent owned subsidiary, NMG San Diego LLC, owns the new dispensary
  • ShowGrow will provide medical and recreational cannabis, while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols
  • The company considers the opening to be a milestone in its expansion into California
  • BaM’s share price is up 14.75 per cent, and is currently trading for $0.35 per share

Cannabis company, Body and Mind (CSE:BAMM) has reported the opening of the ShowGrow San Diego dispensary.

The new dispensary is owned by NMG San Diego LLC, a 60 per cent owned subsidiary of Body and Mind. 

ShowGrow San Diego is a 3,700 square foot facility with over 25 parking spots, located in San Diego’s Miramar area. Now that the dispensary is operational, it will serve both medical and recreational cannabis to customers. 

However, the business must maintain all social distancing and safety protocols, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

The dispensary offers a range of popular cannabis product brands, including Body and Mind. Available BaM products include branded pre-rolls, distillate and live-resin cartridges, and concentrates. The concentrates include live sugar, live resin, shatter, and badder. 

Body and Mind’s Interim CEO, Michael Mills, said that the California opening is a key part of BaM’s growth strategy.

“Opening in the limited license jurisdiction of San Diego expands our presence in this key market. I’d like to thank the team at Australis Capital, who were instrumental in commencing this deal. We look forward to adding meaningful to our top and bottom line. 

“Our gratitude goes to the team who have moved through the licensing and development process to create value for our shareholders. As the retail world has changed, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure our dispensary is prepared to serve patients and customers in a clean and safe environment,” he said. 

Australis Capital’s CEO, Scott Dowty, congratulated Body and Mind on achieving the milestone expansion.

“Australis Capital and the BaM team worked closely together to facilitate this opportunity. We are delighted that they have achieved this significant milestone in such a difficult market,” he said. 

BaM’s share price is up 14.75 per cent, and trading for $0.35 per share, as of 11:49am EST.

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