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  • Cannabis company Beleave (CSE:BE) has relaunched the Flyte Classic vape pen product
  • The Flyte Classic is a legacy brand that was acquired by Volero Brands, and produced by Beleave
  • The company will continue to roll out adult use Cannabis 2.0 products in Canadian provinces
  • Beleave’s share price remains unchanged, and is currently trading at 2 cents per share

Cannabis company Beleave (CSE:BE) has continued rolling out its adult use cannabis products by relaunching the Flyte Classic vape pen. 

Beleave produced the vaporiser in conjunction with Volero Brands, which acquired Flyte Classic as a legacy brand. 

The Flyte Classic wickless, low-profile, ceramic core cartridges come in 0.5g net weight units, each containing 300mg of THC. 

The products will be available in provincial cannabis brick-and-mortar stores, online, and in Licenced Retail Outlets. The Flyte vape pens are currently available in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The Flyte brand was already a favourite in its home province of British Columbia, making the relaunch in BC a priority.

Beleave CEO, Kevin Keagan, commented on the roll out: “With this expansion of our Flyte product into Western Canada and British Columbia, we are excited for Canadians to have access to high-quality, safe alternative cannabis products for which the market has been anxiously awaiting.”

As more Canadians look for new and safe methods for consuming cannabis, Beleave is preparing to meet those needs. 

The company is in the process of developing new cannabis-infused products for release throughout 2020. The product lines include oils, vape pens and other novel cannabis delivery methods. 

Beleave’s share price remains unchanged, and is currently trading at 2 cents per share at 1:10pm EST.

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