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Welcome to the Market Herald, I’m Brieanna McCutcheon, and this is the Top Line.

Baselode Energy has intersected one of the best drill holes to date with 0.90 per cent U3O8 over 30 metres.

The company controls over 227,000 hectares in the prolific Athabasca Basin area in northern Saskatchewan. Baselode also uses well-understood geophysical methods to map deep structural controls to help identify shallow targets for diamond drilling.

Joining us today is CEO James Sykes. Thanks for making time for us today.

TMH: First off, hole 69 seems to be one of the most promising so far in the 875 North section of ACKIO. I know you’re waiting on results for hole 70, but do you anticipate similar results?

JS: To be honest, we are, based on some of the ACKIO results that we had previously reported, we’re potentially looking at a similar style of grades and widths. In particular whole 65, which is up-dip from the whole 69. We reported 50 meters of continuous radioactivity. We’re expecting that hole to be a whopper.  There are other holes that we haven’t reported yet that we’re still waiting on assay results that should have very similar styles of encouraging mineralization, not just like hole 69 but also like holes 51 and 52.

TMH:Do you foresee more drilling taking place at AKIO for the following year?

JS:  We have to drill ACKIO because we really believe in it. We think this is by far one of the best discoveries in the Athabasca Basin in a number of decades. It has a lot of characteristics that could make it amenable to open-pit mining. That’s something that we need to investigate further, but the only way to get there is to drill. In the next 12 months, we will put a big focus on ACKIO and try to hit it hard, defining how much mineralization there really is.

TMH: Is it safe to say that ACKIO is the company’s number one focus, and the Shadow, Hook, and Catharsis are finished with and or just not part of the current picture?

JS: ACKIO is certainly our number one objective to advance. It’s definitely the most developed out of everything that we have in our fleet of projects, but that’s not to say that we are not going to do any additional work on either Catharsis, Hook or Shadow. Catharsis, we’re planning to drill that as our first project next year. The logistics work very well for Catharsis, and we can do it with a ground operation in the wintertime, so we don’t have to use helicopter support. Drilling Catharsis will give us the time to segway into ACKIO properly with helicopter support. Shadow, we’re hoping to fly an airborne survey next year to start moving that a little bit forward as far as exploration goes. We’ll be defining drill targets with an additional airborne survey. So ACKIO, yes, is a big priority but the rest of the projects will certainly get some love and attention.

 TMH: What’s the biggest hurdle the company has had to overcome in 2022?

JS:  Obviously, the markets have affected everybody.  It’s been really tough to have a very compelling and great story, trying to get some recognition for it in the marketplace.  It’s also educating. I think that’s been one of the things that we’ve really tried to push and just make people aware of, informing what we’ve been seeing in the drill core results and trying to help people understand the results.

TMH. The company comes across as really caring about public understanding/opinion of what it is that you guys are doing. Where did that approach stem from?

JS: Yeah, thanks. It basically came from the whole idea that we need to educate our investors. Not every investor is a geologist or has geological background or training. So we thought it was a unique idea to bring the investors along the ride with us so they can get into our heads and understand not just what we are doing but why we are doing it in this particular matter. That’s one of the things that we will continue to do as we go forward. Keep on that education platform and keep trying to help the investors learn what’s going on from Baselode.

TMH: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we haven’t touched on that you would like investors to know?

JS:  Keep watching the news. We still have assay results to come out, and they will be very exciting; we will have updates throughout the year on some of the other projects that we’ve been working on.  Geophysical coverage is complete, and we’re seeing some features of interest. We think we’ve got a very exciting 2023 planned with diamond drilling. We’re encouraged to get out there and show that ACKIO is not just a one-hit wonder, but a lot of our portfolio has the opportunity for multiple discoveries.

Thanks again for joining us and answering our questions, James.

We’ve been speaking with James Sykes, the CEO of Baselode Energy. The company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol FIND. You can also visit them on their website at

A special thanks to you, our viewers, for joining us today…I’m Brieanna McCutcheon for The Market Herald. Thanks for watching Top Line, and we’ll see you next time.

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