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  • Avicanna (AVCN) expands the availability of its medical cannabis brand RHO Phyto to the Caribbean region with an initial export to Barbados
  • Starting with 3 SKUs, the cannabis formulary will be available for the medical community and patients through prescription
  • Distribution partnership with Bryden Stokes Limited includes initial focus on Barbados with plans to expand further into the Caribbean region
  • Third active country for RHO Phyto formulations and 13 international market opening for Avicanna’s products
  • Avicanna (AVCN) is down 1.43 per cent, trading at $0.69 at 2:50 pm EST 

Avicanna (AVCN) has introduced its Rho Phyto branded medical cannabis products to the Caribbean region.

The company completed an initial export to its distribution partner, Bryden Stokes Limited in Barbados.

Avicanna has entered into a distribution partnership with Bryden Stokes, an established health and pharmaceutical product distributor in the Caribbean region to distribute its medical formulary RHO Phyto line of products beginning with three (3) product SKUs.

This marks the third country in which RHO Phyto’s medical formulary will be available and the thirteenth international market that Avicanna’s portfolio of products has successfully been exported to.

It plans to deliver the RHO Phyto products to the medical community and patients in the Caribbean through Bryden Stokes’ extensive network and sales infrastructure in the region starting with Barbados.

In addition to the advanced and evidence-based products, Avicanna will extend its comprehensive educational platform including patient support, marketing, and training.

The initial delivery which included oral and sublingual products has successfully been exported from Canada through Avicanna’s strategic partnership with Medipharm Labs (TSX: LABS), a leading pharmaceutical cannabis manufacturer. In Barbados, specifically, the products will be commercialized under the Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act 2019-44 which outlines the regulation of the handling of medicinal cannabis on the island.

Avicanna plans to expand its product offerings to the region to include additional SKUs from its Canadian portfolio as well as pharmaceutical preparations from its formulary in Colombia.

“We’re excited to expand our Rho Phyto formulary of products into Barbados with our partner Bryden Stokes, who shares our vision and focus on supplying the medical community and patients with scientifically advanced and evidence-based cannabis products,” said Aras Azadian, CEO.

Bryden Stokes is delighted to commence a partnership with Avicanna to provide pharmaceutical-grade medicinal cannabis to patients in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean; specifically, the Rho Phyto brand of products.

Avicanna’s evidence-based approach to their formulations and their collaborations with leading academic and clinical institutions make them an ideal partner.

Bryden Stokes has three distinct business divisions: Food and Consumer, Brewery, Wine, Spirits and Tobacco, and Health and Wellness.

Their wide network of international suppliers and thriving portfolio make them one of the leading distribution companies in Barbados. To support these divisions, they have over 330 employees and a portfolio of 450 quality brands.

The advanced and standardized formulations are offered in various doses of cannabidiol (“CBD”), tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) and THC-Free options in a range of drug delivery formats including oral, sublingual, transdermal and local and designed to provide consumers with a range of inhalation-free cannabinoid-based solutions.

The proprietary formulations are developed and optimized by Avicanna to provide enhanced absorption while providing a consistent experience with a pleasant taste and smell. The RHO Phyto products are delivered with accurate dosing which also allows for easy titration and dosing by consumers.

Avicanna is a Canadian commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company established in cannabinoid research, development, and evidence-based products for the global consumer, as well as medical and pharmaceutical market segments.

Avicanna (AVCN) is down 1.43 per cent, trading at $0.69 at 2:50 pm EST.

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