" Inclusive or alienating? The language wars go on

Before the millions of views, the subsequent ridicule and finally the earnest apology, The Associated Press Stylebook practically oozed good intentions in its

" It’s not going well for Britain’s new prime minister

Rishi Sunak, Britain’s prime minister, has a plan for the new year.

" The man who may challenge Putin for power

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, it seems, has finally noticed that the war in Ukraine created a dangerous competitor to his power: Yevgeny

" Keep your politics out of my arugula

When I was 14, I was asked to fetch some baklava from the basement of the Turkish restaurant where I worked after school.

" The problem(s) with China’s population drop

China’s population declined last year, for the first time since the mass deaths associated with Mao Zedong’s disastrous Great Leap Forward in the

" The trouble with paradise

One day in my 20s, several decades ago, I got on a plane in New York City and flew across the world.

" Brazil’s Jan. 6 imitation and the futility of populism

For two years we have debated whether the essential feature of the Jan.

" Wait, is my dog stoned?

On Thanksgiving morning, our dog, Sherlock, ate his usual breakfast and went for his usual walk, on which he performed his usual bodily

" Why petulant oligarchs rule our world

Some years ago — I think it was 2015 — I got a quick lesson in how easy it is to become a

" Celebrity crypto-hawkers should get a close look

Remember when the actor Matt Damon pontificated about how “fortune favours the brave” people who invest with Crypto.

" Evil clowns and cowardly lions

We live in a time when the people who are in charge are scared of the people who aren’t.

" Why do Stanford, Harvard and NASA still honour a Nazi past?

Earlier this year, Harvard unveiled a report of the university’s history of profiting from slavery.

" Why it matters that China’s protests started in Xinjiang

Late last month, in a stunning display of frustration, people in multiple cities across China took to the streets to protest “zero COVID”

" Blockchains, what are they good for?

A year ago bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were selling at record prices, with a combined market value of around $3 trillion; glossy ads

" Banana peels for Xi Jinping

There’s a Soviet joke that has long circulated in China, about a man who is arrested for protesting in Moscow’s Red Square by

" Idle crypto is the devil’s workshop

The newest monetary system in the world may be undone by the oldest problem there is.

" Who runs the world? Ants.

In September, scientists at the University of Hong Kong published the most complete census of ants ever assembled.

" Facebook is a freak show ghost town, and I’m loving it

Now that Elon Musk’s takeover has hastened the demise of Twitter, many are grasping to find new alternatives to their beloved town square.

" Sam Bankman-Fried and our enduring faith in the tech whiz kid

Disheveled, young and exceedingly brainy, Sam Bankman-Fried perfectly fit the role of a Silicon Valley mogul in the making.

" The cost of going cashless

Six dollars and 50 cents is a lot to pay for a scoop of ice cream, no matter how artisanal.