" How the war in Ukraine met the culture wars

For some time, I have been watching the culture wars from a safe distance. The issues involved are sometimes interesting.

" Podcasts aren’t as smart as you think

This is a non-exhaustive list of the podcasts in my library at present. The Rest Is History. Hardcore History. Sticky Notes, on classical music.

" Forget digital resurrection: let the dead stay dead

Until his death in 2018, fans of Marvel comics could, when going to see their favourite superheroes on the big screen, look forward

" Hyper-efficiency is bad business

Did you have a happy holiday season? Probably not if you travelled on Southwest Airlines.

" Has the pendulum really swung from capital to labour?

At the start of this year, there was a lot of talk about the renewed power of ordinary workers.

" If you thought business jargon was bad . . . 

Like every other journalist I know, I spent part of last week mucking around with ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence chatbot that can

" Australia, China and the judgment of the Solomons

If you wanted to nominate a country in the world with zero strategic significance, the Solomon Islands might sound like a good shout.

" Is it ethical to make — and play — war games?

I killed a man last night. I shot him three times. I aimed for the head but hit his shoulder. He staggered.

" Why Visa and Mastercard have yet to face their Kodak moment

There are now 332 fintech unicorns in the world, according to a new ranking by small business portal Fintech Labs.

" Tech lay-offs teach us a lesson about the ‘war for talent’

Once upon a time, young graduates thought they had a choice to make: they could become rich but miserable in an investment bank

" Psychedelics and business could make for a bad trip

In case you don’t have any tech bro friends who’ve told you this already: the “psychedelic renaissance” is in full swing.

" Geopolitics is the biggest threat to globalisation

How might globalisation end? Some seem to imagine a relatively peaceful “decoupling” of economies until recently stitched so tightly together.

" We are dangerously reliant on GPS to tell the time

On October 17, air traffic controllers at Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas received a worrying advisory.

" Why the business world is so bad at politics

Before the ritual self-disembowelment, Yukio Mishima had other ways of getting his point across.

" Deflecting asteroids is only one thing on humanity’s worry list

It was, literally, a striking achievement.

" The age of uncertainty for CEOs

The chief executives of some of Europe’s top companies are on the way out.

" What grief does to those left behind

The late Queen Elizabeth II spent the last 16 months of her life mourning the loss of Prince Philip, her beloved consort of

" Japan’s war on floppy discs picks a powerful foe

Beep is a basement nerd cave in Tokyo’s Akihabara district where affable staff engage with obsessive customers over old games, PCs and vintage

" Actors worry that AI is taking centre stage

We used to think that artificial intelligence would come for the bean-counters first.

" Europe and Nasa are right to shoot for the stars

What do Nasa’s plans to launch one of the world’s most powerful rockets next Monday have in common with Europe’s ambitions to build