" The age of uncertainty for CEOs

The chief executives of some of Europe’s top companies are on the way out.

" What grief does to those left behind

The late Queen Elizabeth II spent the last 16 months of her life mourning the loss of Prince Philip, her beloved consort of

" Japan’s war on floppy discs picks a powerful foe

Beep is a basement nerd cave in Tokyo’s Akihabara district where affable staff engage with obsessive customers over old games, PCs and vintage

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We used to think that artificial intelligence would come for the bean-counters first.

" Europe and Nasa are right to shoot for the stars

What do Nasa’s plans to launch one of the world’s most powerful rockets next Monday have in common with Europe’s ambitions to build

" France’s magnificent rusting giant

It has been a target for destruction by terrorists with hijacked planes since before 9/11. It hosts an annual summer concert and extravagan…

" We must regulate the exploitation of limited resources in space

The possibilities space offers are almost endless.

" How listening to uninterrupted noise helped millions to focus

Who among us isn’t depressingly familiar with the constant tug of war between putting off tasks that require focus, and, like a moth

" Ever younger ‘kidfluencers’ face online dangers

At VidCon conference, the annual gathering of digital creators in southern California, the most successful influencers mill around exclusive lounges, receiving free swag

" Western democracies have a talent problem

Rishi Sunak does politics as though he is just back from a residential course called How to Do Politics.

" COVID-19 and the curious case of the rental bust-up that never came

The fears were of a “bloodbath” on the nation’s high streets.

" Why groupthink might be a good thing after all

My kitchen sink is leaking because, over time, London’s tap water, which is heavy on minerals, has caked up its inner workings with

" We must stop sleepwalking towards a surveillance state

To what extent do you own your own face? Or fingerprints? Or DNA? How far would you trust others to use such sensitive

" Anarchy is a likelier future for the west than tyranny

“Little Brother is watching you,” said no novel or movie ever.

" Farewell to the servant economy

First there were Uber drivers who would come to your door at the push of a button.

" Don’t romanticise the global south

Yes, I had seen The Buddha of Suburbia, in which white English couples fall for the fake mysticism of a bluffing “guru” in Bromley.

" Encryptogeddon is coming for us all

In recent years, digital encryption has been subject to what anthropologists sometimes call “social silence”.

" Lies weaken Russia in its trial of strength with the west

Vladimir Putin has a name for the west. He calls it the “empire of lies”.

" Voters are getting better educated — this isn’t good news for democracy

The “use case” for liberal democracy isn’t that it is better at avoiding mistakes: democracies are no better at steering clear of high-risk

" After the Netflix crash, does Spotify face the same fate?

Over the past week, Hollywood and Wall Street have been consumed by the share-price crash of Netflix.