" We must stop sleepwalking towards a surveillance state

To what extent do you own your own face? Or fingerprints? Or DNA? How far would you trust others to use such sensitive

" Anarchy is a likelier future for the west than tyranny

“Little Brother is watching you,” said no novel or movie ever.

" Farewell to the servant economy

First there were Uber drivers who would come to your door at the push of a button.

" Don’t romanticise the global south

Yes, I had seen The Buddha of Suburbia, in which white English couples fall for the fake mysticism of a bluffing “guru” in Bromley.

" Encryptogeddon is coming for us all

In recent years, digital encryption has been subject to what anthropologists sometimes call “social silence”.

" Lies weaken Russia in its trial of strength with the west

Vladimir Putin has a name for the west. He calls it the “empire of lies”.

" Voters are getting better educated — this isn’t good news for democracy

The “use case” for liberal democracy isn’t that it is better at avoiding mistakes: democracies are no better at steering clear of high-risk

" After the Netflix crash, does Spotify face the same fate?

Over the past week, Hollywood and Wall Street have been consumed by the share-price crash of Netflix.

" Why I’m still not taking crypto seriously

I keep on being told that it’s time I took crypto seriously.

" How Putin aged into a classic oil state autocrat

On a visit to New York in 2003, Vladimir Putin pitched himself to investors as an economic reformer willing to engage western capitalists,

" Some work jargon is a lot worse than others

Just over a week ago, the United Nations made an announcement that prompted a biting put-down from a climate journalist named Megan Darby.

" The resurgence of the city at night

I am eating first-rate sushi in a dire strip mall off Sunset, between a nail bar and a McDonald’s, and that isn’t the

" The world needs to come clean about dirty money

On a spring ski break in Colorado last week, I found the town of Aspen buzzing with talk about Roman Abramovich.

" What an abusive chatbot can teach us about the art of conversation

In 1989, more than a quarter of a century before the world watched the Go-playing supercomputer AlphaGo vanquish the world champion Lee Sedol,

" Xi Jinping faces a fateful decision on Ukraine

Just before Russia invaded Ukraine, Vladimir Putin met Xi Jinping in Beijing. Shortly afterwards, the two countries announced a “no limits” partnership.

" ‘Tech wreck’ looks more like another dotcom bubble bursting

At what point does the slump in US technology stocks stop being dismissed as a mere “tech wreck” primarily centred on the most

" The incoherence at the heart of anti-westernism

An oligarch-free London and Côte d’Azur, a more militarised Germany, a Finnish public with eyes for Nato: these are the novelties that have

" Silicon Valley has learnt little from Elizabeth Holmes

The world would like to remember the conviction of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes as a cautionary tale of Silicon Valley hubris.

" Cathie Wood’s breathless promotion of gene editing should worry us all

In a 2018 video, Cathie Wood, founder of Ark Invest, declared “monogenic stem cell therapy” a $2 trillion revenue opportunity, with “polygenic” versions

" Joe Rogan and the lost boys

Some 10 million people have watched Joe Rogan’s 2019 chat with ageless British physicist Brian Cox.