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Hello and welcome to The Market Herald, I’m Daniella Atkinson, and this is The Topline.

ARWay Corporation is engaged in developing and operating the ARway mobile app. ARWay is an all-in-one, no-code, real-world Metaverse creation tool with self-generating AR mapping solutions for consumers and brands alike. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with the company’s CEO, Evan Gappleberg.

Evan, always a pleasure to speak with you.

TMH: Could you start by introducing us to ARWay and its technology?

EG: Sure. So ARway is a spatial computing platform we’ve been developing over the past year and a half. It’s similar to Niantic, which has almost a 10 billion valuation today but what’s different about it is that it works with QR codes. Essentially you could create a 3d spatial map and drop QR codes on the map and have wayfinding experiences that get activated just by scanning a QR code and its groundbreaking technology. There’s no CapEx, you don’t need any beacons, and you don’t need any ultra-wideband. It’s a full end-to-end solution. We really think of it as a mini metaverse creator platform. We’re getting a tremendous amount of interest from sports stadiums where, if you could imagine wayfinding inside the sports stadium using augmented reality to your seat, we’re essentially monetizing the ad space so that as you’re going to your seat, you’ll see some advertisement floating.

Same thing with a mall. If you think about universities, try to find your classes. If you think about hospitals trying to find your doctor, if you think about museums trying to find the Mona Lisa, all those things can happen using ARway. It’s frictionless, it’s seamless, and we really believe that this is the future of indoor wayfinding because, let’s face it, Google Maps essentially fails once you go inside. it doesn’t work because it works off of GPS. Our breakthrough technology requires no GPS, and that is really a big deal, and we could be more excited about it.

TMH: How is this application unique compared to other Metaverse creation tools?

EG: Much of what’s out there today requires a VR headset. Virtual reality is essentially seen as the metaverse today. We disagree. We see augmented reality as the Metaverse solution so that you would wear a pair of computer glasses, which Apple is going to be coming out within 2023, and you’d be essentially inside a computer. There’d be augmented reality experiences happening around you, but at the same time, you and I would still be able to have a conversation. So it’s social. It’s not like you’re in a VR headset and you’re alone in your VR world. This is, you’re going about your regular day. Still, at the same time, it’s an immersive experience with 3D augmented reality objects and interactions as you go about your day, and so that’s kind of the big difference. We think it is a significant improvement because you get to live the life that you’re living today, only it’s enhanced.

TMH: ARway’s technology is being used as part of Kid’s app, Encore. Could you tell us about this exciting partnership?

EG: Sure. So, they’re using a specific piece of the ARway platform. Remember, it’s a spatial computing platform. We’ve essentially decided that wayfinding is going to be the first use case for ARway, but it’s by no means the only use case. So Kid Kuddy, they’re using the spatial computing platform for all kinds of animations and interactions for music, for music videos, and so they create like a 3D stage augmented reality experiences on that 3D stage, and so they’re not using it for wayfinding, they’re using it for entertainment and again, with the spatial computing platform, if you just think about the computer that you have today, only it’s untethered where you’re walking around, and you’re able to experience everything that’s happening on your screen as if it’s really happening in front of you. That’s the difference. So Kid Cudi, again, just found the specific use case that works for entertainment, which is that he is an entertainer. We’re using it more for, at this point anyway, utility wayfinding from point A to point B.

TMH: ARWay is trading in Canada, The US, and internationally on the Frankfurt Stock exchange. Do you have plans to continue to expand globally?

EG: We do. Right now, we’re on the US pink sheets, the symbols ARWYF. We plan on uplifting to the OTCQB-QX. So, we are going to expand our audience. It is in Canada on the CSE symbol ARWY, and so far, we’ve had a rather positive response with ARway in the public markets. We launched on October 26 at 25 cents a share. The stock currently trades at around $2 a share. Nextech, which was the parent company, still owns about 50% of the outstanding shares. It’s very, very tightly held by some insiders and Nextech. So, it’s been a good, a good investment, and we plan on continuing to see shareholder value creation as the word gets out. Right now, there’s only a small group of investors that even know about ARway. So, we envision in 2023, as we get into more and more pilot programs and even paid-for programs that you might see at your local mall and say, wow, I want to invest in this technology and then invest in ARway.

TMH: And before we finish off, is there anything else you would like to inform investors about ARWay?

EG: Sure. I’d like our investors to know that Arway is very focused on creating shareholder value. We think that the platform that we’ve built is head and shoulders above any of the competitors. We think we stand alone in terms of our ability to deliver 3D assets in terms of our ability to deliver a spatial map. We think this is a very exciting technology, and we’re getting a lot of interest from major players like governments, space agencies, museums, stadiums, and shopping malls, and we’re just getting started. So, it’s a very, very exciting time for Nextech and for ARway.

Thank you so much for speaking with me today, Evan. I look forward to hearing more from your exciting venture programs in the future.

ARWay is trading on the CSE under the symbol ARWY. You can also learn more at I’m Daniella Atkinson for The Market Herald. Thanks for watching Topline.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by The Market Herald.

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