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  • ARway (ARWY) has signed on for multiple pilot projects for augmented reality (AR) indoor wayfinding
  • They include a hospital, airports in Spain and Brazil, and a 400,000 sq. ft. mall in Dubai
  • The company expects to have over 100 ongoing pilot projects over the next few months, representing millions in potential revenue
  • ARway is a no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse
  • ARway (ARWY) is up by 9.17 per cent, trading at $1.19 per share

ARway (ARWY) has signed on for multiple pilot projects for AR indoor wayfinding.

The projects span several countries and underscore the wide range of applications for ARway’s technology.

Pilot projects

  • AR wayfinding within a single three-story hospital covering over 30,000 sq ft., with the potential to roll out to 200 hospitals within the same hospital group
  • AR wayfinding within a Spanish airport from arrivals to baggage to the transportation depot using image tracking technology. The company will use its ARwayKit SDK to integrate into the transportation provider’s mobile app
  • AR wayfinding at a Brazilian airport from the ground transportation depot to baggage claim, including integration into a car rental company’s mobile app
  • Spatially mapping a 400,000 sq. ft. mall in Dubai, including gaming and advertising capabilities, with a potential rollout into over a dozen additional malls controlled by the same ownership company

The global indoor positioning and indoor navigation market is projected to grow by US$23.03 billion from 2020 to 2025 at a CAGR of 33.21 per cent (Technavio). Approximately 40 per cent of this growth will occur in North America.

“We are fielding a steady flow of requests from Fortune 500 companies and have now started to hire an enterprise sales force to help address this rapidly growing demand,” stated Evan Gappelberg, CEO of ARway. “We expect to have over 100 pilot programs in play over the coming months and expect many to convert into full-scale projects.”

“We are working on large individual projects that, once commercialized, can generate as much as $250,000/month in MRR or $3 million in ARR,” he added.

ARway is a no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse. It enables AR-enhanced indoor navigation and wayfinding solutions for large, multi-purpose venues enabled by marker-based tracking with QR codes.

ARway (ARWY) is up by 9.17 per cent, trading at $1.19 per share as of 10:01 am EST.

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