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  • Arch Biopartners (TSXV:ARCH) has safely completed dosing for its Phase I Metablok human trial
  • The company is testing Metablok as a possible treatment for lung, liver, and kidney inflammation
  • Due to COVID-19, Arch will focus on testing Metablok as a treatment for respiratory inflammation caused by related viruses
  • Arch Biopartners (ARCH) is down 2.50 per cent, and is currently trading at $0.78 per share

Biotechnology company Arch Biopartners (TSXV:ARCH) has safely completed dosing for Phase I of its Metablok human trial.

The company is testing the drug candidate Metablok as a potential treatment for inflammation of the lungs, liver, and kidneys.

For three consecutive days, Arch administered the highest daily dose of Metablok to the trial’s final eight healthy volunteers. The group met the primary endpoints of safety and tolerability, allowing the company to begin Phase II of the trial.

In Phase II of the study, Arch will scrutinise how effective Metablok is at preventing inflammation in vital organs. In particular, the company has considered the drug’s possible applications in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. 

However, significant COVID-19 developments have motivated Arch to focus on using Metablok to treat lung inflammation caused by viral pneumonia. 

Acute kidney and lung injuries commonly accompany coronavirus infections, including the COVID-19 strain that recently disseminated across the globe.

In the worst COVID-19 cases, patients often die because of viral pneumonia, which causes severe lung inflammation, and respiratory failure. 

If Arch’s Metablok drug could prevent or reduce pulmonary inflammation, it could potentially reduce COVID-related fatalities.

Arch CEO, Richard Muruve, commented on the trial’s potential applications.

“Our Phase I trial shows the drug was well tolerated, and we are ready to pursure further clinical testing in a Phase II trial.

In the absence of a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection, Arch will look to explore Metablok as a viable treatment option for reducing COVID-related lung inflammation and increasing survival rates,” he said. 

Arch’s share price spiked earlier today but has since fallen below yesterday’s close.

Arch Biopartners (ARCH) is down 2.50 per cent, and is currently trading at $0.78 per share at 3:01pm EST.

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