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  • Pharmaceutical company, Antibe Therapeutics (TSXV:ATE) has completed enrolling patients for its study of ATB-346, the company’s lead drug
  • The Phase 2B study is testing how effectively ATB-346 can reduce osteoarthritis pain
  • ATB-346’s effect on knee pain will be compared to a placebo drug
  • Antibe expects that the study’s results will be available within six weeks
  • Antibe Therapeutics (ATE) is down 1.59 per cent, with shares currently trading at $0.62

Antibe Therapeutics (TSXV:ATE) has announced its final patient enrolment for its Antibe’s lead drug, ATB-346.

The Phase 2B study will test the drug at various doses, to evaluate how effectively it reduces osteoarthritis pain. Antibe will then compare the results to patients on a placebo drug.

360 patients will take either ATB-346 or a placebo for two weeks, without knowing which they are taking. 

Randomly selected patients who take ATB-346 will take it once a day, but will take different doses than other participants. Some will test 150mg of ATB-346, while others will test 200mg or 250mg.

After the two week testing period, Antibe will conduct a two week monitoring period. 

The company will measure patients’ osteoarthritic knee pain on the WOMAC subscale pain score, which is purported to be the best arthritic pain assessor.

Antibe expects that they will release the study’s results within six weeks’ time.

Antibe Therapeutics (ATE) is down 1.59 per cent, with shares trading for $0.62 at 9:46am EST.

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