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  • Anglo Pacific Group awards shares to two directors for ‘managerial duties’
  • Shares valued at about C$0.04 (£0.02)
  • They were awarded under the company’s Deferred Share Bonus Plan
  • APY shares on the TSX traded at C$3.12

Anglo Pacific Group has updated the market regarding the award of ordinary shares to two of the company’s directors who have performed managerial duties.

Under the company’s Deferred Share Bonus Plan, director and CEO Julian Treger was awarded 33,976 shares while director and CFO Kevin Flynn was awarded 16,835 shares.

Each share is valued at about C$0.04 (£0.02).

The grant of awards under the plan satisfies the 20 per cent bonus due to company executive directors for the year ending December 31, 2019 under Anglo Pacific Group’s remuneration policy.

Flynn also acquired 2,730 shares at C$3.03 (£1.7478) with non-executive director Graeme Dacomb acquiring 10,000 shares at C$3.01 (£1.74). Both these transactions were made on the London Stock Exchange.

Total shares held by Flynn is 36,066, which represents 0.01 per cent of the company’s issued ordinary shares, with Dacomb holding 35,000 shares – representing 0.02 per cent.

Anglo Pacific Group shares on the TSX traded at C$3.12 per share.

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