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The TSX, TSXV, CSE and NEO exchanges list over 4,000 companies, a daunting number for any investor to sort through.

Parsing prospective opportunities from also-rans begins with narrowing down your investable universe, leaving only companies whose value propositions mark a clear path forward.

In the interest of expediting that task for TMH readers, our new series, Anatomy of a Flagship Asset, introduces you to the most promising projects and products making waves in the Canadian stock market.

A diversified financial ecosystem

When it comes to emerging fintech players, RevoluGROUP Canada’s (REVO) ambitions are among the widest-reaching in the space.

The company is a PSD2 Central Bank-licensed issuer with technologies competing in online travel, forex, remittances, mobile payments, mobile phone top-ups, utility payments, healthcare payments, esports, online credit and gifts cards, real estate, cryptocurrency and blockchain, invoice factoring and alternative lending, and POS merchant services in the personal and corporate leisure sectors.

The many hats RevoluGROUP wears across its multicontinental presence -Europe, North America, Central America – afford it the potential for sector dominance most issuers are too conservative to aspire to, whether due to lack of innovation, lack of capital, or simple lack of confidence in the face of existing global players.

Let’s briefly examine the company’s many verticals.

RevoluPAY is an Apple and Android-enabled remittance app and app-linked Visa Card aimed at the worldwide US$702 billion family remittance market. The app acts as a closed-loop payment medium across the company’s verticals.

RevoluFIN enables third-party financiers to finance outstanding secured receivables and obtain above-market interest. Participants sell their outstanding means of payment collection from sales by transferring credit rights to RevoluFIN.

RevoluCHARGE facilitates the sending of pay-as-you-go credits from over 500 mobile operators to anyone in over 140 countries and 117 currencies.

Source: RevoluGROUP.

RevolUTILITY is designed for the paying of electricity, gas, water and communications bills.

RevoluREALTY allows you to complete the multiple payment components of a real estate transaction from a central e-wallet-based account.

RevoluESPORTS leverages RevoluPAY to capitalize on the multi-billion-dollar esports market.

Source: RevoluGROUP.

RevoluMED is designed to expedite healthcare appointment scheduling, RX payments, pharmacy payments, medical insurance, insurance co-pay and other transactions related to the healthcare industry.

RevoluEGAME offers online games and play credits for over 3,000 of the most popular online games worldwide.

RevoluSEND is a remittance platform active in 120 countries accessible through any electronic device.

RevoluEX is a digital currency exchange offering over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Source: RevoluGROUP.

RevoluTRANSFER facilitates overseas money transfers at low FX rates in up to 50 currencies.

RevoluPOS is a point-of-sale platform for small businesses to accept digital payments worldwide.

RevoluBET aims to offers casino and sports betting following the Canadian legalization of these markets.

Though RevoluGROUP’s staying power across these revenue streams requires further growth and development to become ironclad – readers will note that some of the verticals’ websites are under construction – the company is backed by a global cross-industry digitization tailwind, online banking’s ability to pass on brick-and-mortar capital to customers, and specialized management in every division with its sights set on long-term shareholder value creation. The company is also in the final stages of negotiating an investment from a promising suitor to fund future expansion.

Future catalysts

With a soon-to-be-finalized investment from a European financially regulated entity allied with a UAE-based financial consultancy firm, RevoluGROUP is poised for positive market sentiment and a re-evaluation of its intrinsic value to the upside.

Potential investors would be best served by tracking progress in each of RevoluGROUP’s verticals, with special focus on growing revenue and decreasing operating expenses, to build conviction in the company’s path to profitability.

RevoluGROUP Canada (REVO) is up by only 15.8 per cent over the past five years, substantiating the market’s indifference to the global opportunity the company represents.

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