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  • Radiation protection company, American Aires (CSE:WIFI) has announced record sales for the month of March 2020
  • The company generated C$172,672 in sales throughout March, with a gross margin of 63 per cent
  • American Aires reportedly shipped 1,452 units in March 2020, a 244 per cent increase on units sold in March 2019
  • In the first six days of April 2020, company sales surpassed total sales figures for the month of April 2019
  • American Aires (CSE:WIFI) is up 7.69 per cent, and is currently trading for $0.28 per share

Radiation protection company, American Aires (CSE:WIFI) has announced record sales for the month of March 2020.

In March of this year, the company’s monthly sales figure was C$172,672. The gross margin was reportedly 63 per cent. 

In that time, American Aires shipped 1,452 units. This is a 244 per cent increase, when compared to the units sold in March of 2019.

The units sold included the Aires Shield Pro, Aires Defender Pro, and Aires Guardian. These devices apparently reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation, emitted by common electric devices, such as mobile phones and laptops.

The company’s April sales may yet reach even greater heights. American Aires reports that within the first six days of April 2020, its sales had already surpassed the total sales figures for the whole month of April 2020. 

The company expects that these numbers will gain a boost from the launch of a new marketing campaign, scheduled for mid-April. As such, American Aires is confident that it will be announcing another all-time record sales month when April ends. 

Aires’ President and CEO, Dimitry Serov, commented on the impressive growth in sales, which the company achieved organically.

“We continue to see sales increase naturally. As we move to the second quarter of 2020, we look to further sale increases, while implementing automation to increase margins.

“We are pleased to report current sales figures are exceeding management’s budgeted figures. We are also delighted to report that this occurred progressively,” he said.

American Aires (CSE:WIFI) is up 7.69 per cent, and trading for $0.28 per share, as of 1:41pm EST.

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