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  • Radiation protection company, American Aires (CSE:WIFI), has launched a new e-commerce platform online to meet growing demand
  • The company recently reported record sales for the month of March, which it intends to build upon
  • American Aires’ e-commerce platform is highly automated, and can support up to 10,000 sale transactions a day
  • The company expects that growing uncertainty about the global 5G rollout will boost sales of their radiation protection products
  • American Aires’ share price remains unchanged, and is currently trading for C$0.30 per share

Radiation protection company, American Aires (CSE:WIFI) has launched a new e-commerce platform to meet growing demand.

The company’s product range consists of devices that allegedly reduce electromagnetic radiation from common electric items. 

American Aires reported record-breaking sales last month. In March 2020, unit sales reached 1,452, a 244 per cent increase on unit sales in March 2019.

Company Chairman, Drew Green, attributed this impressive growth to ongoing fears about COVID-19, and uncertainty about 5G technology.

“At this pivotal point in time, we are confident that we have the right product offering, when many are home and concerned about health and safety. This includes the possible negative effects of the rollout of 5G across the globe, which is increasing daily,” he said. 

With April shaping up to be as profitable as March, American Aires hopes to build on this success with its new website. The e-commerce platform is highly automated, and includes a self-service portal and user-friendly interface for desktop and mobile devices. 

It has pages for Instructions, Technology, About US, and FAQs, fully automated integration with UPS, and an Inventory Management tool. This allows customers to track their sales orders, packaging, and shipping. 

The improved Shopping Cart checkout capabilities allow for multiple payment channels, available in multiple currencies. It also allows customers to set up coupons, and to execute returns, replacements, or price adjustments.

American Aires’ new platform also has an enhanced Customer Relationship Management tool, which stores customer information. This includes sales order histories, as well as refund, replacement and price adjustment data.

Company CEO, Dimitry Serov, revealed that the e-commerce platform can support up to 10,000 sale transactions a day.

“It can do so in a highly automated way, allowing for a large volume of orders to be fulfilled, with high gross margins in excess of 80 per cent.

“We have a goal to exit Q4 with 4,000 orders per month, and an average cart value of C$493. Previously, we were manually processing our orders that had an average cart value of $411,” he said. 

American Aires’ share price remains unchanged, and is trading for $0.30 per share, as of 9:41am EST.

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