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Q2 Metals is a Canadian mineral exploration company, which is currently advancing exploration on its Mia Lithium property, located in the James Bay area of Quebec.

The site is home to the Mia Lithium property, Big Hill Gold Property, and the Stellar Lithium Property, and today we’re lucky enough to be joined with the CEO, Alicia Milne, to discuss all HIS Q2 Metals.

TMH: For those investors that may not know who Q2 Metals is yet, can you kind of give the background of the company?

AM: For sure. So, my name is Alicia Milne. I’m the president and CEO of Q2. Q2 was formerly a junior exploration company that had some zinc projects that were based in BC and Newfoundland, but with the commodity prices of the day, those projects weren’t really doing much and it was hard to raise money on them. So my fellow director and I Jody Bellefleur, she’s also our CFO, decided to take on the company and we cleaned it up and then we were essentially looking for a project to bend into it. Along came our friend Kevin Bottomley, who him and his friend who were away had an Australian gold project that they were looking for a home for. So we entered into an agreement with them and in December, 2021 we acquired this, the Big Hill Gold Project, which was based in Queensland, Australia changed our name to Queensland and we did a bit of work on the project, but with the gold equities markets being what they were last summer we decided to look to see whether sort of commodities wrote there that we could possibly bend into the company. Blair, who was our CEO at the time, was getting busy with his company, Patriot Battery Metals, so he was resigning from the company. But prior to doing that, we were introduced to a prospector in Northern Quebec who had some moving projects and we ended up acquiring a project from him. And that was the Mia Lithium project.

The Mia Lithium project is located in the Eeyou Itschee James Bay region of Northern Quebec. It’s about 60 kilometers east of the local Creek community of Wemindji. It’s hosted the LA one and LA two occurrences, which grade at 0.47% and 2.27% with naloxone respectively. The Mia project has historically been explored for gold and work done by Quebec government geologists in the 90’s actually discovered the lithium bearing pegmatites mineralization as well as several spodumene-bearing pegmatites in the area.

TMH: So then in your opinion, what sets Q2 Metals apart from other mining companies operating in that same sector?

AM: I think what initially sets us apart from other companies is that we actually have confirmed mineralization at Mia. We have a large portion of a Greenstone belt that has never been looked at before Lithium. Samples taken by the vendor before we acquired it confirmed the LI-1 occurrences as well as the Carte. 1879 occurrence, which is approximately seven kilometers away on that same Ipegmatite. Between those two occurrences, we have a large trend of unsampled pegmatite there. In

February when we did our $10.25 million financing, $7.5 million of that was raised in flow through funds. So that money is directly going into exploration at Mia. Corporate-Wise, Kevin, Jody and myself, we’ve worked together for going on 17, 18 years and we have that strong level of trust with each other and we’ve also worked with Neil McCallum, who is our VP exploration over almost that same amount of time. When we acquired the Mia project, we needed a VP who was registered and Quebec to sign off on a news release and we had reached out to Neil because we knew that he was actually registered there. And when he saw that we had acquired the Mia, he was very excited for us and he wanted to be involved. So fast forward to that, you know, here we are and things are going great.

TMH: And then as, far as short-term and long-term growth plans go, what can we expect from Q2 Metals?

AM: Well, in short-term, we are currently out at the project and we are doing our initial phase of mapping and sampling. We have all of our drill contracts lined up with pretty much everything in place to start doing some substantial work on the ground in the coming months. We’re expecting to drill 8,000 to 10,000 meters this summer and going into the fall. Other than the fact that we do need to take a break in September for moose harvesting in the area we plan on continuing drilling through that time.

TMH: And then anything else you think investors should know?

AM: Yeah, absolutely. We also have a Blue Sky project, which is the Stellar project. It is about 6 kilometers north of Mia and it also sits on a Greenstone belt, and we acquired it for just for the cost of staking and own it hundred percent outright. There’s been no work done on Stellar and this summer we plan on getting out there doing some mapping sampling as well.

TMH: So exciting times ahead.

AM: Very much so. Unfortunately right now Quebec in our area is shut down because of the fires, but once we get the green light from the government that we can get back to work, we are eager and excited to get back out there.

Learn more about Q2 Metals, go to

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