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Since May 2021, The Market Herald Canada has been publishing a monthly edition of Thematica geared towards helping further educate investors to make fully informed and sound decisions on their next potential investment.

Every month, The Market Herald takes a deep dive into different thematics and trends that are making headlines in the markets and what companies in these sectors are up to.  

At its core, The Market Herald Canada’s Thematica reports examine what is happening in the industry for that month’s report, the top companies in the space and a deep dive into 5-to-10 companies that are making strides and that should be in investor radars.

With its first report in May 2021, The Market Herald Canada opened with an in-depth look into the Canadian cannabis space and what will drive the market forward.

Since then, reports have ranged from innovations in the fintech sector, what’s fueling the plant-based sector and opportunities in the gold industry, to advances being made in the energy sector, mining-listed stocks and alternative healthcare.

Recent Thematica reports have also touched on the battery metals space, investing in a recession, drilling results and undervalued stocks. The Market Herald plans to cover a variety of subjects in 2023 as the markets continue to grow and shape the way for new and innovative technologies, solutions and opportunities across every industry.

Each report includes an interview with an industry expert to discuss the subject and/or sector in detail to provide an overview, expert opinion and insight for investors to understand where to find value in different companies.

The report aims to not only provide details about the subject being covered but to review individual companies, the top 25 on each exchange and much more.

With the new year approaching, The Market Herald Canada will release its first report of 2023 in the middle of January, touching on the year ahead and what companies have upcoming catalysts that investors should watch for.

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