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  • 4Front Ventures (FFNT) wellness brand Pure Ratios featured its cannabis products at a celebrity Super Bowl event in Miami this weekend.
  • Pure Ratios has reported significant sales growth since 4Front merged with Cannex in July 2019.
  • Pure Ratios is expected to become a major contributor to 4Front’s 2020 financial performance.
  • 4Front will release its financial metrics for Pure Ratios during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call.
  • 4Front’s share price is down 6.06 per cent, with shares trading at $0.62 apiece.

Cannabis company 4Front Ventures (FFNT) wellness brand Pure Ratios is experiencing a strong improvement in performance, with significant growth in sales.

Since 4Front merged with Cannex in July 2019, Pure Ratios has experienced exponential sales growth, with a considerable uptick in recent online sales and reorder rates.

The wellness brand’s founder Chad Conner credited the merger for much of their success. “The recent acceleration in sales is a direct result of 4Front’s investment and strategic planning, layered on top of our product development capabilities and our deep knowledge of utilising cannabinoids for therapeutic benefit.”

The customer favourite also responsible for much of this growth is Pure Ratios’ line of transdermal CBD reservoir patches, which can provide relief for up to 96 hours.

4Front CFO Brad Kotansky weighed in on the pleasing results. “Supported by overwhelmingly positive customer feedback across its customer portfolio – specifically for its transdermal patch – we have recently turned on a direct-marketing approach that capitalises on our ability to build direct relationships with our customers. We believe that approach has paid off, as evidenced by solid reordering trends.”

Pure Ratios continued to build upon this foundation of success in Florida, at a celebrity Super Bowl event in Aventura, Miami.

Many of Pure Ratios’ wellness-oriented cannabis products were featured in gift bags, tried by celebrity athlete attendees, and taken home by some.

4Front has set up a discount code for investors who may wish to try the products themselves. Until the end of February, investors can use the promo code 4FRONT to receive 60% off their order on the Pure Ratios website.

“Should the momentum continue as expected, it would quickly become a material contributor to 4Front’s  2020 financial performance. We are not currently sharing specific sales numbers, but plan to share financial metrics for Pure Ratios during our Q4 earnings call”, said Mr Kotansky.

4Front’s share price is down 6.06 per cent, with shares trading at $0.62 apiece.

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