Major Growth Approaches for dynaCERT as ESG & Carbon Credit Powerhouse
Fredrick William, BA Ec.
  • Look for major investment to flood into dynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMI)once VERRA Authority clears dynaCERT’s Carbon Credit application, establishing a novel auditable mechanism that will provide solutions and opportunities to all levels of governments, organizations, and businesses globally.

Mark Carney, ex Goldman Sachs banker, and former Governor of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada, issued the keynote address at the Green Horizon Summit held Nov. 9 - 11, 2020. The summit’s theme was 'The Pivotal Role of Finance'. Mark Carney stated the transition to net-zero 'represents the greatest commercial opportunity of our time'. Mark Carney is now with the giant renewables company, Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management as Vice Chairman and Head of ESG and Impact Fund Investing. The Summit was well attended (virtually) from around the globe. Other noteworthy speakers at the summit included Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde, Britain’s Prince Charles, and PM Boris Johnson.

In his speech on Monday, November 9th, at the Green Horizon Summit in London, Carney added that companies were under increasing pressure from investors, regulators, and governments to implement climate related policies, including moving to net-zero emissions. Total investments required to enable a transition in the energy sector will be $3.5 trillion a year, while as much as $135 billion per year will flow to carbon capture and biofuel technology, and additional funds will be needed for the research and development of new technologies, according to the Building a Private Finance System for Net Zero report.

Speaking in an interview on Bloomberg Television, Carney said ESG investing, in which fund managers consider Environmental, Social and Governance issues alongside traditional financial metrics, isn’t sufficient to accomplish the goals of dramatic emissions reductions. “It has other benefits, but the ‘E’ of ESG -- first off -- isn’t focused on net-zero itself,” said Carney. “We have to get to net-zero to stabilize the temperature at any level.”

dynaCERT Inc. (TSX: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (Frankfurt: DMI) Set for Upside Share Price Movement as an ESG and Carbon Credit Powerhouse

  • dynaCERT holds the world wide patents on the means and methods of monitoring and monetizing carbon credits within emission reductions in diesel engines, dynaCERT holds this in 12 different verticals. dynaCERT is now in the process of certification so carbon credits generated and tracked can be sold on the open market. This alone, once approved and gains traction, has serious potential to catapult dynaCERT into a multi-billion Fortune 500 company.
  • dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ (HG) technology is proven (on diesel trucks) to result in up to 88.7% reduction in NOx emissions, ~50% reduction in CO, 6-19% reduction in CO2, up to 57.1% reduction in Total Hydrocarbon emissions, 55%+ reduction in particulate matter (no black smoke), up to ~20% reduction in fuel consumption, provides better torque, and lower maintenance costs.

dynaCERT is on the Cusp of a Major Catalyst

The Verified Carbon Standard, Verra or VCS, formerly the Voluntary Carbon Standard, is a standard for certifying carbon emissions reductions. VCS is administered by Verra. The VCS Program is the world’s most widely used voluntary GHG program. Over 1,600 certified VCS projects have collectively reduced or removed more than 500 million tonnes of carbon and other GHG emissions from the atmosphere. Verra is associated with the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, which is comprised of major government partners and private sector partners globally. dynaCERT clients can expect to see top dollar in the voluntary carbon market once it’s application is cleared for implementation.

Looking at dynaCERT’s long haul trucking market alone, a single truck can generate as much as $3,000 in carbon credits per annum using HG technology. dynaCERT’s plan, once it has finished going through approval with VERRA authority, is to maintain 50% of the carbon credit$ and 50% of it will go to the fleet owners. The methodology now in for approval with VERRA USA uses dynaCERT's patented HydraGEN™ Technology to lower carbon emissions and its HydraLytica™ Telematics technology to securely record carbon emissions and other non-personal data from diesel and gas engines. dynaCERT’s application is currently being dealt with, led by Environmental-Partners of the UK.

dynaCERT is now recognized in important circles as the future of carbon credits. The United Nations has certified dynaCERT’s product under its Smart Sustainable Cities Program (U4SSC).

Earlier this year, dynaCERT’s CEO was invited to be a keynote speaker at the World Climate Summit in the UK (originally scheduled for November-2020). They asked him to speak on the world's carbon credits and the future of the world's carbon credits. Due to COVID19 the summit has been postponed until the later part of 2021, but the fact dynaCERT is earmarked as a keynote guest speaker speaks volumes to the level of coordinated governmental support for dynaCERT's carbon credit tracking/auditing technology to be advanced globally as the only universally accepted standard ready for mass adoption.

The following URL is the dynaCERT Inc. presentation that was posted November 19, 2020 on the EDC’s Rome virtual stand during the Milano Green Forum. The Milano Green Forum is “Conceived as the most important moment of international debate on the environmental issues” according to the website. The Forum is sponsored by the European Commission, European Parliament’s office in Milan, Canada, Italian Ministry of Ecology, Lombardy Region Council and large corporations such as Bosch and Black Rock. The focus in the presentation has been given on Ecology Matters, the HydraGEN™ Technology and dynaCERT’s involvement with the U4SSC.

dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ technology is proven through multiple top-level independent lab studies in various jurisdictions around the globe (TUV North and South in UK, PIT Group in North America, ICAT in India, labs in the UAE, etc…) to reduce harmful emission in diesel transport trucks and improve fuel economy. Transport trucks were dynaCERT’s first target market, the Company now makes different sized HG units and more industries are starting to adopt the technology -- look for exponential growth across multiple sectors.

Figure 1a. (above) HG1 Unit installed on diesel truck.

Figure 2. (above) Various HG unit models.

12 different verticals:

Figure 3. (above) Industries served in 12 different verticals.

The Company currently installs its HG technology on class 8 trucks, buses, refrigerator trailers, small trucks, electrical power generation units of all sizes, farming equipment and agriculture equipment, construction equipment, mining equipment, and it is now moving into marine vessels (the first ships are now being organized for installs). The Company believes it will also at some point in the future be installing its technology on train locomotives and ocean going vessels (which are major polluters; one container ship can spew the equivalent pollution per annum of 50 million cars), and it is currently working with a group in Europe to develop a unit for passenger vehicles.

dynaCERT is gaining a strong foothold in the mining sector now, where a single piece of large equipment can burn over $1M/year in fuel. Feedback from mining experts and dealers servicing this industry reveal that it is not uncommon for a capital outlay (to buy a HG unit) to be recouped with a ROI payback within 8 months from a nominal 5% fuel savings.

HydraLytica™ is dynaCERT’s proprietary software with remote real-time telematics which the Company has retained worldwide experts to establish an audit trail of fuel savings and future carbon credits. dynaCERT's telematics developer invented Apple Pay™ and PayPal™. Related to HydraLytica™, dynaCERT is also greatly escalating its scope of applications and utility to respond to the growing industry needs of Logistics companies and the broader Trucking Management software ecosystem. On September 23, 2020 the Company announced that dynaCERT International Strategic Holdings Inc. (“DISH”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of dynaCERT, has agreed with Corsario Ltd. of Mississauga, Canada, dynaCERT’s HydraLytica™ software developer, to magnify and maintain the functionality of its new proprietary suite of FreightTech software applications. GP LogiX Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corsario established specifically for this single purpose, will market the functionality of dynaCERT’s new FreightTech software and share equally with DISH all financial benefits, thus providing yet another stream of cash flow to dynaCERT through DISH.

Shares of DYA currently trades under C$1/share and present an opportunity for investors to experience extraordinary gains. In fact, the Company’s CEO, Jim Payne, minces no words, he clearly envisions dynaCERT eventually growing to becoming a Fortune 500 company. The independent investment bank GBC AG, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany upgraded (in August-2020) its near-term price target for DYA to $2.20/share, and sees a mid-term pathway to even significantly higher valuations. There are over 1 billion diesel engines in the world, including over 200 million diesel trucks -- dynaCERT’s HG units are just starting to penetrate various industrial sectors, plus there is the entire carbon credit division with dynaCERT taking the lead globally. Although it is still under development and yet to begin monetization, some investment pundits have stated a pathway to >$20+/share near to mid-term is not unreasonable with the right news flow.

A class-8 engine HG-1 unit goes out the door to a dealer for ~C$6,200 to dynaCERT netting 50% gross margins  – the math will reach in the multi-billions of dollars in short-order as this takes off globally. Haywood Securities performed an upside case (3 shifts/day = 72,000 units/yr) based on dynaCERT’s current production capacity of HG-1 units at its facility in Toronto, Ontario and derived C$223M/annum in gross profit headed dynaCERT’s way. Then there is the potential for refrigeration HG2 units (reefer units); there are three times the number of reefer units than there are class-8 trucks and many of these reefer units run 24/7 keeping food cold. Then add in the future potential for recurring revenue streams from carbon credit revenue as an attractive added value proposition. dynaCERT now has ~40 dealers worldwide and is looking at serious growth potential. In Europe the MOSOLF Group has taken the lead in Europe, opening dedicated showrooms, and hiring scores of new employees dedicated 100% full-time to marketing and installation of dynaCERT's HG technology in Germany, France, Benelux, and Poland. Additionally, the recent (August 31, 2020) addition of the Alltruck Network in Europe is major and should contribute toward exploding growth (Alltruck has over 800 centers across Europe). Already dynaCERT is in discussion with other counties (e.g. India and Mexico) to build plants.

Emerging from COVID-19, the Company has more than adequate cash reserves (~C$20M cash entering September-2020 and virtually no significant debt), a better Assembly Plant, an improved R&D facility, significant product improvements, and had a backlog of previously announced purchase orders to work through.

Look for the floodgates to open from ESG focused investment firms once news of dynaCERT’s Carbon Credit application with VERRA comes into play. ESG as an investment theme is predicted to accelerate in strength in the coming year(s). Both the number of sustainability-focused index funds, and their assets, have doubled over the past three years. According to the financial research firm Morningstar, at the end of the second quarter 2020, there were 534 index funds focused on sustainability, overseeing a combined $250 billion. In the U.S., which has lagged Europe in ESG investing, assets in sustainable index funds have quadrupled in the last three years and now represent 20% of the total.

For further DD on dynaCERT Inc. see the following URLs:

Corporate website:

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Fredrick William, BA Ec.

Fredrick is a freelance information services professional and consultant to several financial publications, he monitors and invests in the resource, technology, consumer staples, healthcare, financial, energy, utilities, and biotechnology/pharmaceutical sectors.


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